New Durham, NH


Work smarter. Run your business leaner.

We are not just an IT company,
we are a think-tank

Save on IT expense and downtime while not sacrificing quality. We have the skills to help you eliminate the backlog of IT tasks stacking up, help streamline processes for efficiency, and position your company for the future. We provide turn-key applications, consulting, and expert technical solutions. Short-term hired gun or long-term partner, we are here for you.

SaaS Services

Implementation, Analysis, Applications.

M&A Consulting Services

SME service for M&A projects in multiple industries.

Project Management

Ground-up PM services, recovery of stalled projects.

Web Design and Hosting

Small Business, Non-profit, e-commerce solutions.

Smart Systems

Industry and home smart systems and IoT.

Infrastructure Support

SysAdmin, DBA, DevOps, SRE. Project-based or fractal

About Us

Delivering IT solutions that enable you to work smarter

Cloudware is a complete solution to all your technology needs. We provide hire-gun experts in Data, DevOps, SysOps, Project Management, M&A Technical Consulting, CMMS\EAM Systems, SaaS, and Web Development. We offer turn-key web, ecommerce, secure file sharing, project management, booking, help desk, and team collaboration solutions, as well as purpose-built applications to fill specific business needs.

  • Full Application and System DBA services
  • Data Analyst and Consulting services
  • Windows Server, Network, VMWare, Azure, AWS, Sharepoint, Exchange administration and more.
  • Full Product Management resources. Let our expert PM bring your projects in on-time, on-budget, fully-documented, and successfully completed.
  • Extensive experience analyzing asset data.
  • Complete web and ecommerce solutions.
  • Full implementation or recover failed implementation of SasS projects.
  • IoT\Smart device design, configuration, and installation. Prototyping services available.
  • Purpose-built applications and SaaS products.
  • We offer fractional resources and flex your service level up and down as your needs evolve.
  • 100% remote
  • On-off tasks, short or long-term projects, bucket contracts, and reoccurring scheduled preventative patching available.
Why should You Choose Us

We are the IT department you’ve
been dreaming of

Why hire full-time when you don’t need full-time?

Suffering with staffing struggles? Need to fill in gaps in skills or availability? Have the need for occasional technical assistance? Need work done outside of business hours without paying an after-hours premium?

We are here for you.

  • We work 100% remote nationwide. No extra bodies in the way.
  • No staffing overhead. No benefits payout. No payroll.

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